About Us

Here at PopItFidget, we are delighted to introduce you to a new world of Fidget and Sensory toys.

Our simple but addictive fidget toys have become a 2021 toy craze! Our company took off after a viral TikTok trend amongst kids and adults alike who raved about fidget toys.

Not only do fidget toys like Pop Its develop hand dexterity and coordination, but they relieve stress and even improve learning through the power of mindfulness. Focusing the mind on simple sensory inputs helps to keep kids across a wide range of age groups relaxed, focused and calm.
Sensory toys are particularly soothing for children with additional learning needs such as autism, ADD, or ADHD. Low-cost but high in value, bubble popper and other sensory toys can be a life saver for children, parents and teachers alike. Anxious or excitable energy can more easily find an outlet when kids can keep their hands busy, reducing emotional or energetic overwhelm.
Push pop fidget toy is made of 100% silicone, non-toxic and no odor completely corresponds to the safety standards. It’s soft, comfortable, washable, durable and endlessly  reusable.

Pop, pop, pop! and flick your stress away.