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DIY Father's Day Gifts from Kids

DIY Father's Day Gifts from Kids

Father's Day is a special occasion dedicated to celebrating and honoring the fathers and father figures in our lives. While store-bought gifts are always an option, there is something uniquely special about handmade gifts crafted with love and care. This report delves into the world of do-it-yourself (DIY) Father's Day gifts, emphasizing the invaluable value of these heartfelt creations and the significance of involving children in the creative process.

The Significance of DIY Gifts

Handmade gifts possess a unique charm and sentimental value that is hard to replicate with store-bought items. The time and effort invested in creating something by hand often make these gifts more meaningful and cherished by recipients. By involving children in the creation process, we not only provide them with an opportunity to showcase their artistic talents but also teach them important values such as thoughtfulness, effort, and personalization. The joy and pride they experience when presenting these handmade gifts to their fathers are truly priceless (Crafty Mother Father).

Benefits of Involving Children in DIY Projects

Involving children in DIY projects for Father's Day has numerous benefits. It empowers them to express their love and appreciation in a personal and heartfelt manner. These gifts become treasured tokens of affection, carrying deep meaning and sentimental value for both the giver and the recipient. Additionally, the process of creating these gifts can be a fun and educational experience for children, promoting creativity, fine motor skills, and problem-solving abilities (Crafty Mother Father).

Comprehensive List of DIY Gifts

Here are some unique and easy ideas for kids to make highly attractive and beautiful DIY Father's Day gifts all by themselves:

1. Hand-Painted Mug

Unleash your child's creativity with a Hand-Painted Mug DIY! Let them design a personalized masterpiece on a plain ceramic mug that Dad will adore. From bold colors to heartfelt messages, this project offers endless possibilities. It's a fun activity that promotes imagination and fine motor skills (Crafty Mother Father).

2. Fingerprint Art

Let your child's creativity leave its mark with Fingerprint Art DIY! Using just their tiny fingertips, they can create adorable and personalized artwork that Dad will treasure. From cute animals to heartwarming messages, the possibilities are endless. This mess-free and easy-to-do project is perfect for kids of all ages (Crafty Mother Father).

3. Paper Airplane Kit

Ready for high-flying fun? Introducing the Paper Airplane Kit, the ultimate DIY Father's Day gift for adventurous kids! Unleash their imagination and engineering skills as they create their own fleet of soaring paper airplanes (Crafty Mother Father).

4. Nuts Photo Frame

For the dad who loves to work with his toolbox, this frame will make use of the extra bits he has on his workbench. He can keep this frame where he does his building too (Good Housekeeping).

5. Father's Day Taco Cookies

These fun and delicious cookies are a great way to celebrate Father's Day. Kids can help decorate the cookies to look like tacos, making it a fun and tasty project (Good Housekeeping).

6. Superhero Jar

Get ready to make Dad feel like a true hero with a DIY Superhero Jar – a gift that saves the day! This project involves decorating a jar with superhero-themed designs and filling it with Dad's favorite treats or small gifts (Crafty Mother Father).

7. Paper Bag Scrapbook Journal

Life is about the little moments, and you can never begin to record them too early. This sweet paper journal is the perfect way for kids to record their favorite times with dad (The Pioneer Woman).

8. Popsicle Stick-Up House

Here's to the dad who makes your dream house come true! Now, you can create your most fanciful one together using popsicle sticks (The Pioneer Woman).

9. Seashell Candles

You'll want to craft these seashell candles before you serve up the best Father's Day meal ever. Once they're set, place them on the table for some nice mood lighting (The Pioneer Woman).

10. Terrarium

A terrarium is like a mess-free science experiment that doubles as a neat decoration. Add your plants and moss, and watch how it grows! (The Pioneer Woman).

11. Handprint Coasters

Create custom coasters using your child's handprints. This project involves making coasters out of clay or other materials and decorating them with handprints and paint (Prudent Penny Pincher).

12. Comic Book Frame

Make a fun and colorful picture frame using comic book pages. Kids can cut out their favorite comic book scenes and glue them onto a frame. Perfect for dads who love comics (Prudent Penny Pincher).

13. Building Memories with Dad DIY Gift

This one involves making a custom jar filled with building blocks that have fun activities written on them. Kids can pull out a block each day and do the activity with dad, creating lasting memories (Prudent Penny Pincher).

14. Father's Day Trophies

Create a special trophy to celebrate how great your dad is! It's a fun and meaningful gift that he'll love (Prudent Penny Pincher).

15. Handprint Shrinky Dinky Keychains

This project uses Shrinky Dinks to create handprint keychains. Kids can decorate the plastic, bake it to shrink, and attach it to a keyring for a unique gift (Prudent Penny Pincher).

16. Grilling Handprint Platter

Create a lasting keepsake with this handprint platter. It's a beautiful and practical gift that dads can use and cherish (Prudent Penny Pincher).

17. Fingerprint Daddy & Me Coffee Mug

Design a personalized mug using Sharpie markers. Kids can draw pictures and write messages. Then, it is baked to set the design (Prudent Penny Pincher).

18. Dad Sharpie Scribble Coffee Mug

Similar to the previous mug craft, this project uses Sharpie markers to create a custom mug for dad. Kids can get creative with their designs (Prudent Penny Pincher).

19. Photo Frame Craft

Make a special photo frame by decorating a wooden frame with acrylic paint, markers, and embellishments. It's a treasured keepsake that your father will love (Prudent Penny Pincher).

20. Handprint Wood Slice

Make a beautiful handprint wood slice Father's Day craft. It's a great one for dads who love to fish (Prudent Penny Pincher).

21. Salt Dough Dad Magnets for the Fridge

Create custom salt dough magnets. It involves making salt dough, cutting out shapes, baking them, and decorating with paint (Prudent Penny Pincher).

22. Necktie Key Ring

Make a stylish necktie key ring using fabric scraps and basic sewing supplies. Kids can pick out fun fabrics and help assemble this practical gift (Prudent Penny Pincher).

23. Handprint Keychain

Create a handprint keychain for a memorable Father's Day gift. It involves using shrink plastic to capture a child's handprint and baking it to create a durable and adorable keychain (Prudent Penny Pincher).

24. 10 Minute Picture Frame

This quick and easy project makes a picture frame in just 10 minutes using Scrabble tiles! Personalize it with your favorite photo (Prudent Penny Pincher).

25. We're Nuts About You Photo Frame

This frame is perfect for the dad who loves to work with his toolbox. It uses nuts and bolts to create a unique and personalized photo frame (Prudent Penny Pincher).

26. Shark Card

This shark-themed card is fun and easy to make and is perfect for dads who love the ocean (Prudent Penny Pincher).

27. Simple Handmade Father's Day Card

This one provides a step-by-step guide to making a stylish and personalized Father's Day scrapbooking card. It is a project best suited for older kids and teens (Prudent Penny Pincher).

28. Boys Footprint Gift

Use your shoeprints to create keepsake art for your dad! It only requires simple supplies like paint, paper, and markers (Prudent Penny Pincher).

29. Teddy Bear Card with Kids Photo

This adorable card features a free template teddy bear that kids can easily assemble (Prudent Penny Pincher).

30. Rocket Ship Preschool Craft

Using simple materials like colored cardstock, a photo, and star stickers, this one is both fun and personalized, making it a keepsake that dads will treasure (Prudent Penny Pincher).


DIY Father's Day gifts made by kids are more than just crafts; they are expressions of love, creativity, and appreciation. These projects not only provide an opportunity for children to showcase their artistic talents but also teach them important values such as thoughtfulness, effort, and personalization. The joy and pride they experience when presenting these handmade gifts to their fathers are truly priceless. By encouraging children to engage in the DIY process, we empower them to express their love and appreciation in a personal and heartfelt manner. These gifts become treasured tokens of affection, carrying deep meaning and sentimental value for both the giver and the recipient.


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