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Top Student Gifts for Year End

Top Student Gifts for Year End

The end of the academic year is a significant milestone for students of all ages. Whether they are graduating from elementary school, high school, or college, this period marks a time of celebration, reflection, and anticipation for the future. Selecting the perfect gift to commemorate this occasion can be challenging, given the diverse interests and needs of students. This report aims to provide a comprehensive guide to the top student gifts for the year-end, drawing from various sources to offer a well-rounded selection of thoughtful, practical, and fun presents.

Gifts for Elementary School Students

1. Graduation Owl

Graduating from elementary school is a memorable event, and a Graduation Owl can serve as a cherished keepsake. These cute owls provide space for friends to sign their names, making it a sentimental gift that helps students hold onto their elementary school memories as they transition to middle school (Good Housekeeping).

2. Scented Bookmarks

Encouraging young students to read during the summer can be both fun and practical with scented bookmarks. Available in delightful scents like pizza, pineapple, and bubblegum, these bookmarks can be purchased in bulk, making them an affordable and enjoyable gift for a whole class (Good Housekeeping).

3. Glow in the Dark Fidget Bracelets

Fidget bracelets that glow in the dark are a hit among younger students. These bracelets can be recharged with a UV flashlight or by placing them in the sun, providing endless entertainment and a bit of nighttime fun (Good Housekeeping).

4. Airheads Candy Bars

A classic candy like Airheads is always a crowd-pleaser. With 60 chewy bars in flavors such as cherry and blue raspberry available for under $10, this gift is both economical and delightful (Good Housekeeping).

5. Pencil Toppers

Pencil toppers are a simple yet fun gift that can add a bit of flair to a student's stationery collection. They are practical for everyday use and can be a fun way to celebrate the end of the school year (Good Housekeeping).

Gifts for Middle and High School Students

1. Neon Friendship Bracelets

Middle and high school students will appreciate neon friendship bracelets, which come in packs of 216. These adjustable bracelets can be shared among friends, serving as a symbol of unity and support during test seasons or other stressful times (Good Housekeeping).

2. Brain Teaser Puzzle Cubes

For students who enjoy a challenge, brain teaser puzzle cubes are an excellent choice. These cubes require the user to move balls within the cube to specific spots, providing hours of entertainment and mental stimulation (Good Housekeeping).

3. Crystal Graduation Paperweights

High school graduation is a significant milestone, and crystal graduation paperweights make for a sophisticated and practical gift. These paperweights can be used to keep college term papers in place, serving as a constant reminder of their achievements (Good Housekeeping).

4. Galaxy Slime

Galaxy slime is a fun and relaxing gift for students who enjoy tactile activities. The stretchy, colorful slime can help reduce stress and provide hours of entertainment (Good Housekeeping).

5. Assorted Stampers

A giant pack of assorted stampers is a hit with elementary and middle school students. These stampers do not require ink pads and are praised for their quality, value, and variety (Good Housekeeping).

Gifts for College Students

1. Crosley Rondo Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker like the Crosley Rondo is a practical and fun gift for college students. It allows them to enjoy their favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks in their dorm room or on the go (US News).

2. Amazon Kindle

For students who love to read, an Amazon Kindle is an ideal gift. This device offers extended battery life, adjustable font lights, and a glare-free screen, making it perfect for reading both academic texts and leisure books. A Kindle Unlimited subscription can also be included for access to over 2 million titles (CNN).

3. MasterClass Subscription

A MasterClass subscription provides access to over 200 classes in various topics, from business to cooking to wellness. This gift is perfect for students looking to expand their knowledge and skills beyond the classroom (CNN).

4. Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420

A new laptop, such as the Dell Inspiron 14 Plus 7420, is a valuable gift for college students. This laptop is known for its portability, power, and dependability, making it an excellent tool for academic and personal use (USA Today).

5. Custom Photo Art from Minted

Custom photo art is a sentimental gift that allows students to cherish their college memories. This art can be displayed in their dorm room or new apartment, providing a personal touch to their living space (USA Today).

6. Uncommon Goods College Cityscape Embroidered Pillow

An embroidered pillow featuring a college cityscape is a cozy and personalized gift. This pillow can be customized with a landscape of the student's college campus, making it a cherished keepsake (CNN).

7. Nespresso Vertuo Pop+ Coffee Maker

For coffee-loving students, the Nespresso Vertuo Pop+ Coffee Maker is a perfect gift. This compact and colorful machine can brew up to five cup sizes, providing delicious, artisan-level coffee every morning (CNN).

8. Moleskine Smart Writing Set

A smart notebook like the Moleskine Smart Writing Set is a high-tech gift that digitizes handwritten notes. This set includes a smart pen and a digital notebook, making it a valuable tool for students who want to keep their notes organized and accessible (CNN).

9. Yeti Rambler 42-Ounce Straw Mug

A trendy and practical water bottle, such as the Yeti Rambler, is a great gift for college students. This customizable mug comes with a reusable straw and elongated handle, fitting in most cup holders and available in various fun colors (CNN).

10. Amazon Echo Show 10

The Amazon Echo Show 10 is a versatile smart display that can assist students with various tasks, from video calls to cooking along with recipes. Its voice controls and Alexa integration make it a valuable addition to any dorm room or apartment (USA Today).

DIY and Budget-Friendly Gifts

1. Emoji Pins

Emoji pins are a fun and inexpensive gift that can bring a smile to students' faces. Pairing them with a note saying "I'm all smiles because we had a great year!" adds a personal touch (We Are Teachers).

2. Gummy Worms

Packaging gummy worms with a cute note is a quick and easy DIY gift that students will enjoy. This gift is both affordable and delightful (We Are Teachers).

3. Freeze Pop Bouquets

Freeze pops are a cheap and refreshing gift option for the end of the school year. A 100-pack of ice pops can be purchased for under $10, making this a budget-friendly choice (We Are Teachers).

4. Personalized Water Bottles

Customizing $1 water bottles with an acrylic pen creates a special and practical gift for students. This DIY project is both affordable and thoughtful (We Are Teachers).

5. Sponge Balls

DIY sponge balls are a fun and creative gift that students can enjoy during the summer. These balls are easy to make and provide endless entertainment (We Are Teachers).

6. Ring Pops

Candy bling, such as Ring Pops, can make students feel special at the end-of-the-school-year party. This sweet treat is both fun and affordable (We Are Teachers).

7. Paint Sample Card Bookmarks

Creating bookmarks out of paint sample cards and ribbon is a simple and cute DIY project. These bookmarks can be handed out on the last day of school, encouraging students to read over the summer (We Are Teachers).

8. Fidget Poppers

Fidget poppers are popular among students and make a great end-of-the-year gift. They come in various shapes and sizes, including bracelets and key chains, and can be purchased in multipacks to keep the cost low (We Are Teachers).


Selecting the perfect year-end gift for students requires thoughtful consideration of their interests, needs, and the significance of the milestone they are celebrating. From practical and high-tech gifts for college students to fun and sentimental presents for younger students, there is a wide range of options to choose from. DIY and budget-friendly gifts also offer creative and affordable ways to show appreciation and celebrate students' achievements. By considering the diverse preferences and requirements of students, you can find the ideal gift to make their year-end celebration memorable and meaningful.


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